Smart Set 001.4 cemark more info.
This product is a high-quality tubing system used for hand injection of contrast and flush. The Smart Set is safer, and less expensive then power injection.

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Smart Set w/ sideport 001.2 cemark more info.
This product has all the advantages of the Smart Set, but also includes a needless side port. This port can be used to immediatley administer a third medication.

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Smart Set Adpator 001.3 cemark more info.
The adaptor is for customers that like the idea of the Smart Set but wish to use their own tubing.

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Smart Tourniquet 002.0 more info.
The tourniquet lets you control the flow of blood to the legs and therefore produces high quality images that might otherwise be spoiled by venous contamination . Use of the Smart Tourniquet dramatically improves the quality of peripheral MR angiography.

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Smart Set w/ I.V. starter tubing 001.5

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