The Smart Set

smartset diagram

Advantage of the Smartset:

The advanced design of the Smartset is based on our extensive examination of several techniques of hooking up iv tubing for the injection of MRI and MRA  contrast agents.  We found that none of the available intravenous tubing procedures was suitable for gadolinium infusion to enhance liver, breast or pelvic MRI images nor for MR Angiography. With the cooperative aid of several manufacturers we were able to refine and improve our iv tubing system.  Over a hundred iterations of our initial design included such factors as tubing lumen, resistance issues, wall thickness, types of connections, one-hand operations, and a valve assembly for automatic switching between gadolinium contrast infusion and saline flush. The results of this research, the Smart Set, has now been used on thousands of patients, producing MRI and MRA images of the highest quality and a perfect safety record. These results stand in sharp contrast to those that accrue when using off-the-shelf  components. The Smart Set is available, at a very low cost, to anyone who prefers the close contact with patients that hand injection permits.

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The Smart Set vs Power Injection

Smartset injections are made by hand. The injector pump uses mechanized pressure. Medical personnel stand close to their patient during a Smartset injection. The injector pump is typically located in a room separate from the magnet precluding any degree of proximity between patients and nurses, technologists or radiologists.

The advantages of close contact during an infusion can not be over emphasized:

  • It is much easier to give instructions, e. g. when and how long a patient should hold her breath.

  • Patients are reassured by the immediate presence of trained personnel

  • Problems with tubing can be expeditiously corrected.

  • Patient problems ranging from discomfort to a ruptured vein can be treated immediately.

Smartset hand injection should ALWAYS be used with certain categories of patients.

  • The veins of young children can not readily withstand the pressure produced by a pump.

  • Patients with central lines or tenuous ivs are safer with the low pressure produced by the Smartset


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