Terms and Conditions

Attention customer, vendor, or other entity, the following terms all apply to all of Topspins' contracts/agreements:

1. Acceptance: Unless stated otherwise, this contract supersedes any and all other prior agreements whether oral or written; any changes must be in writing and signed by the insured’s authorized representative.

2. Disclaimer of Expressed and Implied Warranties Except for the warranties already provided for (and stated in the contract) all other warranties, either expressed or implied, are disclaimed.

3. Returned Goods: The exclusive remedy for breach of warranty is replacement of goods purchased or cash refund minus 10% restocking fee.

4. Limitation of Liability: This contract disclaims liability for consequential damages under any legal theory.

5. Liquidated damages limit, or maximum liability is the price paid for the goods sold/received.

6. Conditions Voiding Warranty: Warranty doesn’t apply to damages resulting from misuse, tampering, alteration, modification, etc. by the client.

7. Delivery and Shipment: Delivery times are only estimates and TopSpins is not liable for delivery delays, except to refund the customer's expense paid for premium shipping. e.g. extra payment for 'next day air service'. If the customer specifically requests a shipper other than the one recommended by TopSpins, the expense paid for premium shipping is not covered at all, should the service be substandard.

8. Training: If site preparation, training, or other service is necessary prior to use of product, the customer is responsible for this function.

9. Force Majeure: Neither TopSpins nor the customer is liable for damages, nonperformance or delay in performance caused by events beyond their control such as wars, riots, etc.